Joshua Styles: Endangered Plants and Species Conservation

Now did you know that it’s thought that 1 in 7 indigenous plant species are under threat of extinction and that each year, one plant goes extinct in each English county? My guest this week is the renowned ecologist, botanist and conservationist Joshua Styles.


Dismayed at statistics like these, Josh set up the North West Rare Plant initiative in 2017 to conserve some of NW England's rarest plants. 


Join us as we delve into the magical world of species like the Bastard Cabbage, as well as what it’s like to go against the grain to set up your own plant conservation project.  


Find out about Josh’s Rare Plant Initiative here and catch up with his hugely information Twitter and LinkedIn too. As Josh suggested, if you're looking to get involved with some plant based projects, take a look at your local Wildlife Trust to find out about some great local projects.

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