Shuranjeet Singh: Faith and Mental Wellbeing

In 2016, it was estimated that 75% of people in the UK may not get the help that they need for mental health problems and that staggeringly, people who identified as Asian/Asian British were 14% less likely than average to be in contact with mental health services.


My guest this week Shuranjeet Singh knows this all too well. As a result of his own experiences of mental ill-health during his University years, Shuranjeet was compelled to found the not-for-profit Taraki, a word meaning to progress to an improved or more developed state of being, in 2017, which specifically caters and advocates for culturally appropriate mental health support to those within the Punjabi community.


Join us as we discuss everything from localised health solutions to the role of faith and faith institutions in breaking the taboo around mental wellbeing.

Catch up with Shuranjeet via the Taraki website or via his Twitter.

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