Bella Lack: The Sixth Mass Extinction and Feature Films

As many of you know, we are currently experiencing the 6th mass extinction - specialists estimate this could be at a loss of 200 to 2000 extinctions per year, at conservative estimates. My guest this week, the wonderful Bella Lack knows this all too well.  Bella is a renowned animal conservationist, writer, presenter of a very exciting new documentary Animal, as well as Youth Ambassador for organisations such as the Born Free Foundation, The Jane Goodall Institute and the RSPCA to name a few. These are roles that have seen her cross the world and the TedX stage. What makes this even more impressive is that she’s only 17 years old.


Join us as we discuss activism, starting your own environmental campaigns as well as what it’s like to present your very own documentaries. 

Catch up with all of Bella's incredible work via her Twitter.

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